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At Westminster Arts Academy, we are fully compliant with all coronavirus precautions, but we're still Orange County's premier choice for music lessons!

How do we do it? As a disaster hit, we quickly pivoted to an online teaching model. There's been a lot of chaos in this new coronavirus world – for all of us- and we wanted to be able to offer services that help to protect everyone's health through social distancing best practices. 

The Value of Online Music Teaching

In normal times, it makes sense to have students learn in the facility. Our facility is a repository of resources, from sheet music and instruments to spaces that are conducive to music training.

However, in times like these, online training has tremendous value. Think about all of the things that you can't do during coronavirus, and then think about being able to easily dial into a video music training session and keep the music flowing.

Sometimes it's the little things that help life to move along smoothly, even in times of great pressure. Doing our routine activities helps many of us to feel better about how our days go.

Our Facility as a Resource

Although an online model, we still benefit from having a well-stocked facility with a lot of professional resources. That way, when we sign on, we're able to offer our students great instruction knowing that we are stocked on our end – and we can institute the right social distancing for our staff to keep them safe, too. 

Instruments in Your Home

Here's another reason why online music lessons make so much sense.

In times when you don't feel much like going out, or times when your governor or a doctor has declared that you should not and must not go out, it's a pleasant thing to just do activities in your own home, without transporting yourself and your instrument somewhere else. Again, obviously, when things are open, it's often worth trucking a violin or guitar or even a double bass around, but with an online model, the logistics are fairly easy, as long as there is a good solid broadband connection and a user-friendly interface in place.

We've been tech-savvy enough to really ramp up our online activities quickly, and now we're still offering our award-winning lessons delivered through the web. Check the website for a lot more on what we offer, including a wide range of instruments and classes for different skill levels. Our nine-part system includes technique, music theory, sight reading, improvisation and much more. You can also call us with any questions. Don't stop the music!

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