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    Westminster Arts Academy is your ultimate destination for learning the joys of the arts! Our academy offers an array of music, dance, and art lessons all in one convenient location for children and adults alike. For decades, we have been honing our skills in teaching students of all ages and backgrounds, providing them with a creative outlet to explore their passions. Our experienced instructors are passionate about supporting and guiding our students in their journey of self-expression and discovery, allowing them to explore their talents and gain a life-long appreciation of the arts. Join us today and let Westminster Arts Academy be your creative home!

    Benefits of Arts Education

    There are many benefits to Arts education. Some are obvious and some are not so obvious. The obvious benefits of arts education include the development of creative problem-solving skills, improved critical thinking, and increased self-confidence. But there are deeper, more profound benefits to be gained by learning the arts. Through the practice of the arts, students develop discipline, focus, and persistence. They learn to trust their instincts and to honor their inner voice. Students of the arts learn to be open to new ideas, to take risks, and to make connections between seemingly disparate ideas. This creative thinking is invaluable to students in all areas of life, from academics to interpersonal relationships. Learning the arts also promotes a sense of joy and fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something beautiful and unique. The power of the arts to shape minds, to foster self-expression, and to bring joy to people of all ages is truly majestic.

    Why learn with us?

    At Westminster Arts Academy, we understand the importance of learning in a creative, supportive, and fun environment. Our mission is to provide quality arts instruction to students of all ages, inspiring them to reach their highest potential. Our committed and passionate instructors guide our students on their individual journeys, nurturing their growth and helping them to unlock their unique creative talents. We prioritize the joy of learning, helping to make the process of gaining new skills and knowledge enjoyable and rewarding. As a result, our students stay with us for many years, spanning from young children to college-level students into adulthood. The retention rate at Westminster Arts Academy is one of the highest of any art school in the area, a testament to the quality of instruction and care we provide. Join us and experience the arts at Westminster Arts Academy!



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