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Westminster Arts Academy is the number one ukulele lessons program in Orange County, CA.

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    Our ukulele instructors teach folk, country, reggae, and rock-n-roll styles — and classical too. Beginners work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight-reading, and theory. Each lesson will challenge you with a new technique or music theory and ends with something fun – such as your favorite riff or song. We employ a variety of ukulele method books based on student needs and preferences. So let your instructor know what type of music you want to learn!

    Why take ukulele lessons?

      The ukulele is much smaller and easier to learn compared to the guitar. The instrument is more cost-effective and easier to take around everywhere. The strings are easier to play, and there are only four strings, making learning chords easier.

      What’s the #1 reason to study the ukulele at Westminster Arts Academy?

        Our ukulele instructors are warm and friendly and get to know each student and parent on a personal level. We work with you to craft a lesson plan that fits your individual needs and your favorite type of music. Whether you are playing in local bands, a seven-year-old taking their first lesson, or a fifty-year-old returning to the ukulele after many years, we’ll set goals for you to achieve your musical aspirations.

        What styles of ukulele do you teach?

          We teach all styles, from folk to country, reggae, and rock-n-roll styles.

          How qualified are Westminster Arts Academy's ukulele instructors?

            We carefully select instructors that are professionals in the music industry and/or have a college degree in music. All instructors work great with all ages and genuinely love teaching just as much as they love music. Upon registration, let us know your expectations, and we will set you up with the right instructor that works for you or your child. See our Instructors page for more information on each instructor.

            What will I learn from ukulele lessons at Westminster Arts Academy?

              Beginner ukulele students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight-reading, and theory. Our instructors balance musicianship and fun by ensuring that each lesson presents a new technical challenge or theory concept and ends with something fun, such as your favorite riff or song. We use a variety of ukulele method books and have computers in every classroom to play your favorite melodies.

              Are there ukulele recitals?

                Absolutely! Every Summer and Winter, students have the opportunity to perform in an actual theater and be treated like a pop star! Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge students a fee to perform. All family and friends are welcome to attend. In addition to the on-stage recitals, we also provide virtual concerts and performances around the community. See our performance page for more information.
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