The Musical Ladder Wristband System And More

In some prior blog posts, we talked about incentives and achievements as ways to engage students here at Westminster Arts Academy. We talked about how this type of unique approach really helps to build those skills, and fosters the confidence that students need as they go out into the world.

One component of that is our musical ladder wristband system. Here, we offer students these brightly colored attractive wristbands based on their levels of achievement and objectives in their student plans. These individually-based incentives are an excellent way of showcasing someone's progress and achievement over time!

Inspirational Educators

To pivot a little bit, we should also talk about the quality of our teachers and how they maintain our curriculum services. That's a core part of maintaining one of the best musical studios around the area.

Our teachers are always looking for solutions to improve what this school has to offer. They’re interacting with young minds and creating those kinds of positive skill-based self-images that children can take with them as they grow.

Also remember that students aren’t just bonding with their peers and with their instructors – they’re bonding to their instruments. That's why we take care to integrate specific instrument learning in our music lessons and sessions. In many cases, this will be a lifelong relationship between a student and his or her instrument as they learn not only music mastery, but the intricacies of a particular type of play.

Supporting Teachers

So to come back to the musical wristband system, curriculum ideas like this support these excellent instructors with the tools and resources to keep students engaged and happy in their journeys.

None of this happens by accident. It requires dedicated planning, which our teachers and administrators do together. But when you have these systems in place, you can bank on the success of certain learning programs to get the outcomes that families want. Since 1991 we have been providing that type of experience in the Huntington Beach, CA area.

What we think about above all when we’re designing our individual and group music lessons is how to bring quality to the equation. We learn about this, too, by working with local families, and evolving how we work in this innovative music studio. Come in and take a look – and talk to us about getting your little ones started on a lifetime journey in music. 



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