Are your little ones getting a well-rounded experience this year?

That question is now charged in a big way as we emerge from pandemic restrictions and closures. Things are different now!

Parents have to make decisions about what’s best for their children and how to build a roadmap and a path forward. That can be difficult. 

In that context, let’s talk a little bit about the value of keeping your children active, not just socially, but physically, too – and how families are dealing with that. 


When your little one engages in on-site instruction, they are actively working both their minds and their bodies.

Dance, in particular, is physically active, but even with music lessons, your youngster is carting an instrument around and positioning sheet music and doing other things that are physical activities. They’re more active than they might be at home, in other words. 


Contrast that to a routine where a child sits and stares at a screen for an unhealthy amount of time.

Now, we know that it’s not usually great to be always obsessing about screen time. We know that kids are resilient, and they can handle some amount of screen time if that’s what they prefer.

But at some point, the parent has to think about setting boundaries and helping their child to have a healthy balanced routine. Lessons can be a part of that because there’s a concrete reason to re-orient away from screens, not just “because (mom or dad) said so.”

Academic instruction can be part of that in a positive way.


On the website, check out our studio location and everything that we offer.

In past blog posts, we talked about the collaborative work that we do with students, and how that positions them for success later in life.

We also talk about our events and group lessons, as well as tutoring opportunities and other ways to get your student involved in music learning.

So in the Huntington Beach, CA area (which has incubated and hatched many a pro musician), we think you’ll love to work with us as a local family, and we like to use our philosophy of instruction to help your student succeed in their journey.

Lots of us know the value of extracurricular activities for socialization, but when you really get instructors who approach their jobs with empathy and music-based knowledge, you get more for your developing student.

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