Benefits of Music Lessons for Your Child

Has your child asked for piano or guitar lessons? Or maybe the flute or the violin? If you are hesitating about whether these lessons are worthwhile, you’d be surprised to learn of the amazing benefits for children that take music lessons. Whether your child ends up becoming the next professional musician, or they learn to embrace the joys of music, the rewards they gain from these lessons far outweigh any potential downside:

  • Boosts their confidence.

Whichever instrument they decide to learn, the first few lessons will likely be a challenge. However, once your child manages to remember those first few notes, and they begin to build on that learning, they will achieve a great sense of pride in themselves. This pride will evolve over time and help build their self-esteem. Also, learning how to receive feedback about their performance is key to them accepting that not everyone is perfect, and everyone has room for improvement.

  • It improves their academic skills.

Would it surprise you to learn that Albert Einstein was a musician? At the age of six, he already learned the violin, and studies continue to show that learning music helps develop math skills. Music helps children develop their short-term and, over time, their long-term memory, which can be utilized in other areas, such as math. The connection with the right and left side of the brain helps the child during development and will positively impact their life.

  • Improves social development.

Signing up your child in a music class with other students is an excellent way to encourage interaction with their peers and develop their communication styles. As your child learns their instrument, they will begin to recognize their part in a larger group and work as part of a team for a common goal. Teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills will all improve. Also, it can help improve mood, alleviate loneliness, and cure boredom.

  • It develops patience.

Learning an instrument does not lead to immediate positive results. Gratification is greatly delayed throughout the learning process. They must learn how to hold the instrument, make certain notes, and use correct breathing techniques. It also requires years of practice and perseverance to stick with the instrument to see positive results. If they are in a group, they also learn how to wait their turn to receive instruction while also showing their classmates respect and listening quietly to instruction. All of this will improve their patience levels.

As you can see, music lessons go far beyond simply learning and mastering an instrument. The benefits gained from signing your child up for classes will impact them throughout their entire life. Here at Westminster Art Academy, we are excited to offer online music lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic and would love to have your child learning from us.

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