Three Components of Fun Music Lessons

Yes, music is a learned skill. Yes, it's going to be helpful to your child as he or she becomes an adult. It can even be part of a progressive career.

However, that's not the only big value of music in your child's life, and it's important to remember that. At the end of the day, music is just fun!

It's those soft benefits of music, the socialization and confidence that it builds, that is so valuable to many of our students and their families. We take particular steps to promote that kind of environment, with a dedication to detail, and a philosophical approach to music and dance that informs all that we offer with our specialized group and individual lessons. 

An Engaging Center

It's easy to see on the website how we create engaging venues for students to get together and celebrate music. Music and dance are active pursuits – they don't happen in a vacuum. They happen on stage, or in specific staged environments where people feel both supported and equipped to explore. So we provide that kind of atmosphere for your young musician to thrive in. 

Good Sheet Music and Curriculum

Our curriculum and resources also reflect this idea that music can be fun and easy to learn.

One aspect of this is our oversized sheet music, where it's easy for children to see the individual notes and what they look like. Some kinds of traditional sheet music, in our view, are much too small for tiny eyes to quickly latch onto. Their austerity and indirect model of access just doesn't fit the bill. So we renovated our curriculum to make things engaging for students.

Pride and Encouragement

This is not the type of music school where the teacher is going to stand over the student dryly remarking “not quite good enough, young master (or mistress), do it again…” and rapping a brittle ruler against bony fingers.

Unlike this sort of thing, which you might find in the pages of Washington Irving or Nathaniel Hawthorne, our instruction is active and vibrant and based on a model of empathy and encouragement, to help students feel at home as they progress. That’s what we’re about! Let us help to provide your child this type of learning environment. You can get detail on instruments, pricing, scheduling and more through our well-developed web site – or give us a call! We’ll be happy to hear from you about your child’s journey toward an enriching relationship with music. 


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