The following policies and procedures are currently in effect. All policies must be respected and abided by all families of Westminster Arts Academy at all times, with no exceptions. Westminster Arts Academy reserves the right to modify or change any part at any given time. In the case of an amendment, all families will be notified. Westminster Arts Academy may also be referred to as the “Academy” within the following policies and procedures:


There is a registration fee of $30 per student to join the Academy. For additional family members, the fee is discounted at $20 as long as tuition is paid on the same “family” account. Registration fees are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. The Registration is current as long as the Student is actively enrolled in at least one class. Registration is no longer current once the Student withdraws from all classes for any period of time, even if another family member is still enrolled. Once a Registration is no longer current, the registration fee will again be applicable to enroll back into classes.


Membership fees are due on the 1st of every month and are automatically debited from your credit card or bank account. There is no contract however we do require a month-to-month commitment. Membership fees are Non-Refundable. However, paid fees may be transferred to a friend or family member.


The Academy has its own “Billing Schedule” in which there are 48 lesson-weeks per year. Membership includes 4 weekly lessons per monthly billing cycle. Each month of the year has 4 weekly lessons accounted for. The billing schedule starts on different days each month; however, membership fees are always collected on the 1st.


Westminster Arts Academy uses “Jackrabbit” as its billing and scheduling software. Automatic payments will be processed through Jackrabbit and the Academy’s current payment processor. You will receive a login for your Jackrabbit account upon enrollment. Inside of your user account, you may view all payments made to the Academy as well as manage your contact details and payment methods.


To cancel lessons, a withdrawal form must be filled out by contacting the office no later than the 15th of the month prior to cancellation. Your last weekly lesson will be according to the Academy’s “Billing Schedule.” Once the Withdrawal Form is signed and received, auto-billing will be stopped, and your lesson time will be made available for another student. Any unpaid lesson fees due to the Academy must be paid upon withdrawal.


A student must be enrolled in at least one weekly class/lesson to keep an “active membership.” Once a student withdraws from all weekly lessons, membership to the Academy is also canceled, and that student may no longer participate in Academy activities such as recitals and workshops. Upon return, the Registration Fee is again applicable. Any unpaid fees due to the Academy must be paid upon cancellation of membership.


For individual account matters, Westminster Arts Academy communicates primarily over the phone. For general purpose communication, email and text messages are used to communicate with Academy customers. This form of communication will consist of important Academy news, updates, and promotions. You will be automatically subscribed to these channels of communication upon enrollment. Due to limitations and restrictions, however, with email servers and cell phone providers, not all communications may be received by Academy customers. Unsubscribing will also limit our ability to communicate with you. It is always a good idea to keep in contact with the Office as the Academy is not responsible for communications not received due to circumstances out of its control.


Lesson times are based on availability within our class schedule. Therefore, once enrolled, a student is not guaranteed a schedule change upon request. Scheduling requests must be made through the Office and not through the Instructor as only the Office has full visibility of classroom and employee availability.


We do not re-schedule missed private or group lessons. Instructors of Westminster Arts Academy are Employees and are scheduled and paid based on your enrollment commitment. Re-scheduling group and private lessons is unfair to Instructors and other students. If a student needs to miss a lesson or class for any reason, the Student will receive a comprehensive recorded lesson from their private instructor or the recording of the missed group class. To receive the highest quality recorded lesson, please inform the Office that you will be missing your lesson in advance. This is important as the Instructor uses the scheduled lesson time to create the recorded lesson. A student may also attend their private lesson or group class online if unable to attend in person. Private students who usually attend in-person, but choose to attend online for a specific date, must also let the Office know ahead of time to prepare the Instructor to attend online.


Westminster Arts Academy uses “Teacher Zone” as its LMS (Learning Management System). All lessons and classes will include notes provided by the Instructor, including any associated audio, video or documents. Students may also log their assigned practice time within the app. A Teacher Zone login will be provided upon registration.


Direct communication with your Instructor must be done during the scheduled lesson time covered by your tuition. If you have any questions or messages for your Instructor outside of scheduled lesson time, it may be done through the Office, or through the chat option in Teacher Zone. Be aware that your Instructor may not respond immediately due to schedule restrictions. For urgent matters, contact the Office.


Westminster Arts Academy offers both in-person and online lesson options. Online lessons require the Student have reliable internet access. The Academy is not responsible for lesson interruption due to Student internet issues. If it is determined that the lesson cannot efficiently continue due to Student internet issues, the Instructor will create a recorded lesson, time permitting. Any internet issues on the side of Westminster Arts Academy will be addressed by the Office, and a solution will be provided. A benefit of online lessons is they can be recorded for later viewing by the Student. If you do not want your student’s online lesson recorded, inform the Instructor or the Office.


Group Classes may be recorded for later viewing by its students in the Teacher Zone software. If you do not wish for your student to be recorded for this purpose, inform both the Instructor and the Office, and accommodations will be made.


Students are expected to be in class on time and ready to learn. The start, finish, and duration time of a group class or private lesson may include an Instructor grace period of a few reasonable minutes. This grace period is to allow for any emergency restroom or hydration needs or any other unforeseen interruption.


Instructors are paid for the agreed time scheduled by a student. If a student arrives to class late, time will not be extended. If the Instructor is tardy or absent from the lesson for an unreasonable amount of time, the class will be extended if time allows. If time does not permit, the Office must be informed for resolution.


In the event of Instructor absence, the Academy reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute teacher. If a substitute teacher is not available, in this case, a makeup lesson will be arranged, or a credit will be issued for the missed class.


Group classes have minimum enrollment requirements of 4 students per class. If a Group Class minimum enrollment is not met, the Academy reserves the right to cancel the class or shorten the lesson time accordingly.


Instructors reserve the right to recommend a different group class that better suits the Student’s age and level.


Active students are invited to perform in multiple Academy-hosted events throughout the year. Students and parents are required to follow any guidelines provided for an event. Most events are open to all students; however, certain performance opportunities are “invite” only based on qualifications determined by Academy Instructors.


The “Musical Ladder System” and “Dancers Pointe System” are award programs to encourage student dedication and commitment. Levels are awarded for continuous practice and enrollment, and students must also pass tests given by their instructors. These award programs are provided to enhance the learning experience and represent not only the Student’s learning progress but their uninterrupted enrollment streak. Upon withdrawal from lessons, students are automatically restarted at the beginning of the award program.


Academy membership includes unlimited access to “Music Fundamentals” online workshops. These webinars take place throughout the week and are also available for replay. Only active student members of the Academy may join the workshops. Students must register for each webinar they wish to attend to receive the access link. Music Fundamentals webinars are recorded. Student cameras and microphones are automatically turned off. However, if engaging with the Instructor through the chat feature, for example, the Student may then be mentioned or put on camera. If this happens and you do not wish for your student to be on the recording, you must inform the Office for their section to be deleted.


Westminster Arts Academy activities and students are often photographed or videotaped for use in promotional materials and publicity efforts, including print, digital, and web media. A separate form of consent is provided upon enrollment.


The Academy is not a closed campus and is not responsible for providing before or after class care for students. Parents and guardians with children under the age of eight must remain on the premises during the classes. Students are not to be left at the Academy for excessive time periods before or after their lessons.


Westminster Arts Academy has an open-door policy. Parents are always allowed to sit in on private lessons. Group classes may only be viewed through the door, window, or on the waiting room TV.


Parents, legal guardians of minors, students, and adult students waive the right to any legal action for any injury sustained on Academy property resulting from normal lesson activity or any other activity conducted by the students or their siblings before, during, or after lesson time, including hearing loss or hearing damage. Westminster Arts Academy is not responsible for any damage done to vehicles or items stolen from vehicles.


Children must wait for their parents to pick them up inside the Academy. Please do not ask them to meet you elsewhere. Westminster Arts Academy assumes no responsibility for children who leave unaccompanied.