Instrument Sizing and More

At Westminster Arts Academy, we really do pursue creating a welcoming and empowering environment for all of our students regardless of their age, abilities and skill levels.


That's a fundamental part of supporting the student’s long-term development. It's not just about tackling music theory or mastering fingering – it's much more than that.


When students thrive, they thrive in a profound way. They learn, but they also develop, and those two words are different representations of what music training does for our students. A student’s parents were talking to us recently about that happy synergy, exclaiming about how the pursuit of skill in terms of music also builds social skills. It was a great conversation and just reinforces the idea that when you empower students, you’re doing something right!


Instrument Sizing


It's important to have a right-sized instrument, so that the student’ s process feels natural and the student bonds to the instrument. We always take this into account in our initial music lesson plans with families. We found that it is an indispensable part of outfitting students for success, and making sure that the experience “gels” in a way that is positive.


The Right Accessories


It's also important to have the right accessories. Imagine trying to play the violin well without resin or accessories for the bow. Again, there are multiple aspects to mastering the instrument, and one of them is maintenance and conditioning. So we always keep this in mind to as we put together student plans, while we’re also looking at scheduling, scope and other aspects of music lessons to customize to the student’s needs.


Skill and Confidence


It's amazing what just a few weeks of music lessons can do for a young person.


Time and time again we see these young ones blossom as they take on a particular challenge and start to learn. Their social skills develop along with their technical skills and it's a great thing to behold.


So much of this is about keeping things on a positive trajectory. When we talk about the support that we give students, we’re talking about a philosophy of support where they feel good about what they're doing regardless of what their skill level is and they feel ready and excited to take that next step and climb that next mountain


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