A Close Circle

You can see some of these happenings on our website – a circle of children cross-legged in a room, smiling and talking over some aspect of music theory or instrument tips or dance moves.


That type of collaboration is what we’re all about here – because music has a technical component, but it also has a social component and a greater emotional context. That’s true whether your instrument is the piano or the trombone, a guitar or a fiddle, or a ukulele.


Getting Kids on Board


When kids come in the door to become music, dance or art students here at Westminster, we do some initial testing and evaluation to figure out where they're at, and where they want to go.


These evaluations are more than just assessing technical mastery. The trajectory that your student chooses can determine how he or she will fare in a music program, and what kind of experience the student will have. We want to start everyone at a comfortable place, so that they move forward in a confident way. Setting the stage like this is part of how we have evolved what we do over time, to better serve your young ones as they set out on this exciting journey.


Working Together


As they make their way through our music, art and dance programs, students learn technical skills, but they also learn confidence and good self-esteem.


Our systems for providing trophies, certificates and other achievement symbols are based on being able to help students develop this confidence and be ready to take on the world. Again, this is something many of our families really appreciate. Having tangible symbols of accomplishment is important – it helps us to build those positive self models that last a lifetime.


An Accessible Studio


On the web, you can also see more about how we build our conference rooms, practice rooms and other parts of our music, art and dance studio environment.


As with the restaurant business or other types of consumer-facing industries, having a “clean well lighted place” (as Papa Hemingway might say) is paramount for attracting the right audience and building a solid business. It’s also good for staff – because when you come to work in a place that looks great and inviting, you have more of a sense of positive mission. Working together, all of us can build each other up and enjoy the grand world of music at the same time.


See a lot more online and talk to us about getting your precious little one enrolled.

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