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When you think about helping students enrich their lives with music instruction, how do you visualize this happening?


In the old days, there were the traditional civic centers, government installations where communities invested in this kind of process of cultural enhancement through education. The civic center as an institution represents important things to many people, as a center of learning and exploration.


Nowadays, there's a lot more of a network of private studios and companies maintaining these spaces, even through challenges like the coronavirus and significant real estate market problems. In order to do this, these business leaders really need to have a lot of strategy, and ability to do problem solving to keep the doors open and keep things working well. We are lucky to have the right resources in place to keep the ship moving forward even in these troubled times.


A Child's Social Horizons


At Westminster Arts Academy, we accomplish a lot of what you would expect to happen in those traditional civic center environments or anywhere that a student spends time outside of regular grade school – in specialized enrichment programs that not only help that person to acquire skills, but help them to build community. What we mean is that this organic process of networking helps people to make friends, learn social skills and develop as a person. Working with range, working with notes, learning music theory, exploring the register of an instrument, these are all important, but so is the other side of music, the social and intuitive side.


All of that happens in our modern and professional environment where we teach music, art and dance all together in one well-maintained location. Our families love the convenience and benefit of using a local academy that cares about students, to allow their little ones to grow and learn for the future. We have developed our curriculum and business operations accordingly, as we work directly with local families finding out more about what they like and what best serves their students.


Browse the website to see more about our studio spaces, our music instruction, rehearsals and much more. Get special offers and more, and learn about the true breadth of what we offer from our Orange County location. Our commitment is to serve areas like Westminster, Garden Grove, Fountain valley, and Huntington Beach, CA with dedication, providing a safe, attractive and comfortable “center” for families to engage in the activities that build their kids’ skill sets, in a technical and in a social way.

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